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While it is not a requirement for you to hire a Utah bankruptcy attorney if you are beginning the bankruptcy process, it is recommended to do so for several different reasons. Bankruptcy lawyers in Utah can:

Another reason why is it advisable that you hire legal aid is that the Bankruptcy Court Clerk’s Office isn’t able to provide you with legal advice and cannot help you in getting your forms completed. So, if you need some guidance or wish to obtain someone else’s opinion on the matter to help you make an informed decision, our featured Utah bankruptcy attorney can help assist you with this. Declaring bankruptcy is something you want to take into consideration and be sure it is the best option for you.

Am I Required to Take a Credit Counseling Course?

If you are looking to declare bankruptcy, there is a reason for it. Whether it be that you weren’t able to manage your money or an extenuating circumstance presented itself, the fact is, something went wrong. While there are many different requirements that may come up, one in particular is that if you live in the state of Utah, you must take a credit counseling course from an approved provider within a 180-day period that ends of the day you file your bankruptcy forms.

There are many credit counseling sources available, most providing their services online. The United States Bankruptcy Court District of Utah and The United States Department of Justice have provided a list of which some of these agencies to make the search easier for you and some are highlighted below.


Main Address: 2711 E. Melrose Street

Gilbert, AZ 85297


  1. http://www.simpleclass.net/

Main Address

7007 Positano Hill Avenue

Las Vegas, NV 89178


  1. http://www.debtorcc.org/

Main Address:

378 Summit Avenue

Jersey City, NJ 07306


  1. http://www.mybknow.com/

Main Address:

2049 Marco Drive

Camarillo, CA 93010


  1. http://www.1dollarwiser.com/

Main Address

503 Hillcrest Lane

Krum, TX 76249


  1. http://www.101creditcounseling.com/

Main Address

3725 225 Street SE

Bothell, WA 98021


  1. www.a123cc.org

Main Address

6161 Blue Lagoon Drive

Miami, FL 33126


  1. http://www.abacuscc.org/

17337 Ventura Blvd.

17337 Ventura Blvd.

Suite 226

Encino, CA 91316


  1. http://www.abelccs.org/

Main Address

102 South Post Street

Hay Springs, NE 69347


  1. www.academyoffinancialliteracy.com

Main Address

725 W. Elliot Road

Gilbert, AZ 85233


Credit counseling is only of the many requirements you are obligated to follow through with in order to declare bankruptcy If you want to increase your chances of having your bankruptcy awarded, you need to consider hiring a bankruptcy lawyer in Utah who can help get this done.

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