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It doesn’t take much to send your finances into a free fall, and you end up over your head and in dire need of debt relief. So many Americans are one financial upset away from going bankrupt and they need help getting out of a bad situation. Filing for Chapter 7, Chapter 11, and Chapter 13 can benefit you in many ways.

How Can Bankruptcy Help Me?

Are your considering bankruptcy because you are overwhelmed with credit card bills, exorbitant medical expenses or mortgage debt? Are you asking yourself: How can bankruptcy help me?

Bankruptcy has a number of benefits but the process is not easy, and it will make sacrifices to ensure you complete the bankruptcy successfully. You will need to work with a trustee and be prepared to follow their orders. You probably won’t have any disposable income until your complete the process, but you can get rid of your debt and be working on your credit.

While bankruptcy is arduous, your dedication will pay off, and you will see some of the benefits immediately. For instance, when you file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, all collections activities must stop, and interest will stop collecting in your balance. Bankruptcy may allow you to save your home from foreclosure.

Below are the basics of the two most common personal bankruptcy structures:

Chapter 13– Wage Earner’s Bankruptcy

Allows income earners to pay debts slowly

It takes three to five years to emerge from bankruptcy

Credit rating improves after completion


Chapter 7– Liquidation

Filer must sell (liquidate) their assets to pay off lenders

Debts are discharged once liquidation is complete

Takes several months to a year emerge


Other Types of Bankruptcy

Chapter 12- Family farmer or fisherman bankruptcy

Chapter 11- Reorganization for businesses

Chapter 9- Municipal bankruptcy exclusively recommends you speak with a bankruptcy lawyer in New Jersey to explain the structures that may work for you and which would be the most advantageous for you considering your finances and economic history. Meet with one of our attorneys and learn the basics of filing for bankruptcy.

What Bankruptcy Can’t Do

Bankruptcy can help you reduce and discharge many of your debts depending on the structure you choose. The following debts cannot be dismissed:


Child support

Federal and state tax debt

Student loans.

Bankruptcy will Not give you a free pass with your debts; you will have to pay a large portion of the debt you owe either by liquidating your assets or paying them off over an extended period. You can find an experienced bankruptcy lawyer near you in New Jersey at We have dedicated legal teams across the state who will help you make smart decisions about your finances. We have experienced lawyers in Trenton, Newark, Trenton, and Jersey City.