The price an individual will need to pay in order to file for bankruptcy in Alabama depends on a number of different things. For instance, the type of bankruptcy they file is one factor that will be used to determine how much a person will spend on filing for bankruptcy and whether they decide to retain a bankruptcy lawyer is another.

While filing for bankruptcy is affordable for some, the process can be costly for others.


Alabama’s Bankruptcy Fees


The cost associated with filing for bankruptcy depends on the type of case an individual is looking to open. Below is an outline of the current fees that are assessed1:

  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy-$338.00
  • Chapter 9 Bankruptcy- $1,738.00
  • Chapter 11 Bankruptcy (non-railroad)- $1,738.00
  • Chapter 11 Bankruptcy (railroad)- $1,571.00
  • Chapter 12 Bankruptcy- $278.00
  • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy- $313.00
  • Chapter 15 Bankruptcy- $1,738.00


If an individual chooses to hire an Alabama bankruptcy lawyer, which is strongly encouraged, they will also incur a cost for their services. While some might be worried about having to pay a large sum of money to hire an Alabama bankruptcy attorney, they should know that the cost of hiring a lawyer varies by case. If an individual’s case is simple, they might pay less than someone whose case will require much more work on a lawyer’s part.


How much will it cost to hire a bankruptcy lawyer in Alabama?


Bankruptcy lawyers set their own rates and accept payment in different ways. For instance, a lawyer might require that an individual pay a retainer fee and use the money as it is needed. A retainer fee is an amount of money an individual pays up front and is used as needed by their lawyer. So, if an attorney charges an hourly rate and works 20 hours on a case, they might deduct this from the retainer fee along with any other costs they incur to start the bankruptcy process.

While some bankruptcy attorneys might require a retainer fee, others may charge by the hour or agree to work with an individual on a payment plan while services are being rendered. Because lawyers determine how they want to charge for their services, it is best for an individual to schedule an initial consultation with an attorney to find out how much it will cost them to file for bankruptcy in Alabama.


Hill, Gossett, Kemp & Hufford, P.C. Can Help an Individual File for Bankruptcy in Alabama


Filing for bankruptcy can be a confusing process for many which is why it is recommended that individuals retain a bankruptcy lawyer in Alabama to assist them. The lawyers at Hill, Gossett, Kemp & Hufford, P.C. can determine what type of bankruptcy an individual qualifies for, estimate the costs they will incur, and walk them through each phase of the process.


Disclaimer: No representation is made that quality of legal services provided is greater than the quality of legal services provided by other attorneys.


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