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It was in October of 2005 that amendments to existing Indiana bankruptcy legislation made things a lot more complex but was rational and sensible nonetheless. The law which was introduced in 2005 was known as the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act (BAPCPA) of 2005.

As the name suggests, this law was introduced in order to prevent people from filing for bankruptcy with the sole reason of evading from their debts and financial responsibilities.

The new laws that were brought forward as part of BAPCA essentially brought in multiple hurdles and tests which an individual would have to face and pass before they became eligible to file for bankruptcy. This was a kind of filtering system which was to ensure that only those who legitimately need to file for bankruptcy can do so.

The test, which is basically a mandatory credit counseling briefing would have to be undertaken prior to filing for bankruptcy for most people and also a debtor education course would have to be completed before the applicant could be relieved or discharged of his or her debts courtesy of bankruptcy.

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Automatic stay

Automatic stay refers to the fact that once you have filed for and acquired bankruptcy your creditors are legally obligated to stop all collection efforts from you. This means that they can no longer send you notices and letter asking you to pay up, they cannot repossess your home, car or any other property and cannot file suit against you. They also cannot garnish your income or levy your bank accounts.

Automatic stay basically prohibits creditors from taking any action against you in order to recover the debt that you owe them once you file for bankruptcy relief.

There are certain circumstances wherein automatic stay will serve to stop all emergencies, these are:

Other areas where an automatic stay will help the claimant are:

However the following cannot be stopped by automatic stay:

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