Do You Need A Bankruptcy Lawyer or Attorney in Florida?

Bankruptcy is a federal process that helps you reduce or erase your financial obligations significantly with lenders when you are unable to manage your debt. In Florida, if you are looking to reduce your debts as an individual or a business, there are several types of petitions that you file.

However, it is important for you learn as much as you can about the process before you decide to hire a bankruptcy legal professional and take action. For those who qualify, bankruptcy can be a powerful tool that changes your life, but if you choose the wrong petition, you could end up in a worse situation financially than before you filed.

As there are many details that surround the bankruptcy petition process, our goal at is to make sure that any debtor in Florida has a clear understanding of the basics of bankruptcy and to provide them with a reliable and concrete bankruptcy legal counselor to help them resolve their case as quickly and favorably as possible.

This is our commitment to you and to the public!

Florida Bankruptcy Laws and Regulations

Because it is a federal process, bankruptcy laws in Florida follow the same basic regulations as other states across this fine but heavily indebted country. However, you should keep in mind that there are a few differences when property exemptions are determined, as well as other factors unique to laws in Florida that you need to be aware of before filing any form of bankruptcy.

  • Many Florida debtors assume that all they have to do file for bankruptcy to be granted protection from creditors. Sadly, things are not that simple. Before you can even file a petition, mandatory credit counseling is required by both the state and the nation for approval.
  • As per the 2005 Bankruptcy Act, debtors that are filing for bankruptcy on or after October 17th, 2005 have to undergo mandatory credit counseling in the 6 months that immediately precede the filing and also complete a financial management course after filing the petition. They want to know that you get it and will not make these same mistakes again (if you got to this point by sheer bad luck then you certainly should not be in this situation again since having that bad luck occur again is just unlikely right?).
  • Once these are done, debtors are required to pass the “Means Test” to determine if they are eligible to receive bankruptcy protection. If the average income of the debtor for the 6 months before filing for bankruptcy is lower than the average for a household in Florida of the same size, they then are qualified for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection, which is the petition most commonly filed in Florida.

Types of Debts We Handle

Whether you have a personal or business-related debt, our Florida bankruptcy lawyer can help you. You should give us a call as soon as possible if you have debt from:

  • Loans
  • Unpaid credit card bills
  • Medical bills
  • Business expenses
  • Taxes
  • Lawsuits

If you need a Florida bankruptcy attorney, you should use the interactive map finder or attorney director on the front page of to talk to a legal counselor directly. Click and call!

Now if you have any issues in this process or have some questions you can send us your information using the online chat form or our contact us page. We will then call you back perhaps that same day. We will help you attain the legal help you have been looking for and that you need.

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