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The legislation which governs bankruptcy laws in Alaska specifically requires that debtors be subjected to a means test, or rather that their gross household income be subjected to a means test.

If you’ve been wondering what a means test is it is vital to be aware that it is where the earnings (gross household income) of the debtors will be scaled and compared against the earnings or gross household incomes of other similarly sized households in order to get a clearer picture of where the debtors stand.

The median (a kind of average) will be calculated for the size of the household in question and then depending on whether the income of the debtor falls below or above the median, the debtor may have to file for what is known as chapter 13 bankruptcy.

In cases where the debtor’s gross monthly salary exceeds the specified median, then the debtor will have to either file for chapter 13 bankruptcy or they will have to face a motion which is basically to convert or dismiss the case itself.

Chapter 13 is usually undesirable to debtors considering that unless their allowed expenses (payroll deductions, secured debt payments, and living expenses as allowed under IRS rules), puts them in a position wherein they have no income to pay to their creditors, they are going to have to pay cumbersome monthly installments to the creditors for an exhausting period of five years.

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Chapter 7 bankruptcy filings

Chapter 7 is what those filing for bankruptcy will mostly be looking to accomplish. Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing will basically mean that your debts will be discharged. Understandably this is a lot of burden lifted off of the shoulders of those who have been carrying it around for years.

Our excellent legal representatives will work with you to determine whether or not you are eligible for a chapter 7 filing. If not, they will see if there is any way in which to make you eligible and they will exhaust all options before concluding that you are not, in case you are not.

Our legal pros will also represent you in all meetings and hearings with creditors, the trustee or the bankruptcy court to make sure that your debts are discharged and that you understand which debts exactly are discharged and all the terms and conditions of the discharge.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy filings

Unfortunately, many people do not qualify for chapter 7 bankruptcy filings and the creditors may initiate home foreclosure proceedings against such folks.

However, we can help you stop these foreclosure proceedings dead in its tracks and work out an adjustable and flexible pay back regimen wherein you can pay back your creditors in full over a longer time period and in this way you will get to keep your home.

Here are some benefits of a Chapter 13 bankruptcy:

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