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Many people are unclear about the differences between a Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

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Chapter 7 bankruptcy – simplified

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is what is also referred to as a “fresh start” bankruptcy case. Usually, these cases can take up to 3 or 4 months to be discharged and in such a case, all of your unsecured debts (like credit card bills, medical bills, etc) will be cleared and your slate will be wiped clean.

However, debts with secured creditors such as home loans, car loans will either have to be reaffirmed or you can also choose to give up ownership of the property or security in question and will then become possession of the creditors.

For the most part, Chapter 7 is not something which is easy to qualify for. For understandable reasons everyone will want all their unsecured debts cleared. When you file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy a court appointed trustee will review your assets and debts.

In Alabama, homestead exemptions can be up to $15,000 and personal property exemptions can be up to $7,500. However, if the value of your property is greater than the value of your debts, then the trustee can liquidate your property in order to pay off the creditors in question.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy – simplified

This kind of bankruptcy is one which is not a fresh start, but instead offers the person filing a more feasible and convenient repayment plan. You may have to repay all of your debts or a specified portion of your debts. However, you will get to keep your property in Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases.

Typically, Chapter 13 cases involve repayment schemes with reduced interest rates, increased repayment time frames, reduced monthly installments on secured loans.

The pros and cons of Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases are as follows:



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